Booking Policies

Due to very high court demand please use our online reservation system, CourtReserve.  To make sure everyone has equitable access to court time, we have a number of guidelines in place for booking courts. 

General Guidelines 
Booking options include Singles, Doubles, 3-Person Hit, and One-Person Hit with Ball Machine. Guests are allowed.

Members are limited to book one hour per day, 3 days in advance. Every day at 10AM booking will become available for courts three days away. For example on a Monday morning at 10am, courts for Thursday can then be booked. 

Courts are booked for one hour, at the end of the hour, finish your point, gather your things, and exit the court so others may get on with their scheduled court time.

If nobody has booked a court after you and you want to continue playing, you are welcome to do so and the steward will book you in for more time.

Cancellation Policy 
Please only book a court you have coordinated to play on with a partner. If you have to cancel please try and cancel as soon as possible so others may book the court.

While a court can be cancelled at anytime, if a member books a court and does not show up and does not cancel the court, after this happens twice their playing privileges will be suspended for a week.

Last Minute Bookings 
If you play once in a day and wish to return to play again that day, any court that has not been booked within 3 hours of its reserved time can be booked by a someone who has already played once that day. To do this you need to call the club or speak to the steward on duty and they will book the court for you.

Once a court time has begun it cannot be booked.

Weather Cancellations 
It will happen that as a result of weather conditions, some of the courts may need to be closed for a portion of the day or the entire day. If this is the case, all bookings for the time the club will be closed will be automatically cancelled, and an email sent out to all of the affected individuals. 
For up to date court conditions please make sure to check the club Twitter account located on the main page of the website (or linked in the footer of this email) which is updated every morning and whenever the courts need to close due to weather.
These guidelines are in place to make sure everyone has fair and equal access to court time, minimize court cancellations, make sure empty courts can always be played on, and get everyone hitting as much as possible. We’ll continue to look at these policies in the initial days and weeks the club opens up.

If you ever have any questions or need help booking or cancelling a court please email call the club at 613-729-3644 or email