ETC Annual General Meeting

Please be advised the ETC AGM will be held at the club on Wednesday, October 16 from 7pm to 9pm.  If you have any items you wish to have added to the agenda or wish to stand for nomination for 2014 Board, please advise current Board President Greg MacDougall at

If can’t attend and would like to vote by proxy you can use the proxy form.

A copy of the by-laws can be found here.


7:00 pm President Calls meeting to order
7:05 pm President’s report
7:20 pm Financial Report
7:40 pm Q&A specific to 2013 operations
8: 10 pm Call for Nominations for 2014 Board
8:20 pm Election of officers for 2014 Board
8:30 pm Presentation of officers
8:35 pm Q & A specific to 2014 operations
– Wish List (i.e. Improvements: deck, sprinkler system, drainage)
9:00 pm Reception

Wine and Chocolate TASTING – Saturday, September 28

Wine and Chocolate TASTING
Saturday, September 28
6 pm Doubles Round Robin

In celebration of a wonderful season – the ETC will be hosting a wine and chocolate tasting this Saturday – following one of our last doubles round robins.

In a effort to thank all the members for making this year such a success, the ETC will cover the cost of the chocolate and any added accouterment — of which there’ll be plenty — while the entry fee for each participating member is a bottle of wine.  Meaning:  It’s just like a pot luck but for wine… If you are a wine drinker, you will need to bring a bottle with a price tag of no less than $15.  If you are not a wine connoisseur and still want to come, by all means – beers and sodas will be on sale at the bar as always.

Please sign up or call/e-mail the club by Friday, September 27, so we can be sure to order enough chocolate!!!

We’ll also be passing the hat for The Shepherds of Good Hope in Memory of fellow member and bon vivant Meg Dussault – who passed away quite unexpectedly one mid-summer evening returning home from the club.