Adjusted Club Hours and Clean Up Day

The weather has chilled and we are adjusting the clubhouse hours. The clubhouse will now be open from 9am-10pm Monday-Sunday. If you wish to play prior to 9am please email Play after 10pm will not be possible as the lights will be off.

Please note playing outside of clubhouse hours means you will not have access to water, washrooms, showers, canteen, balls, first aid materials, or a steward.

A date for club clean up day has been set and we need your help! Saturday, October 20th, beginning at 9am come on out and help us pack things in for the season! They’ll be plenty of tasks to get done and plenty of hot coffee to go around! This also means October 19th will be the last day of play with the clubhouse open.

See you then and thank you for a wonderful season,