Round Robins

Round robins happen Wednesdays at 10AM, Thursdays at 6:30PM and Sunday at 7PM.

They are organized by the club, free for members and a great way to meet new members.

ETC Round Robin Rules:

  1. Three courts will be reserved.
  2. Round robins will run two-hours, normally.
  3. Registration will be based on a first-come first-serve model.
  4. Players have to be on site to register with no advance registration.
  5. No more than 24 players will be registered.
  6. Double matches only unless numbers permit for singles.
  7. Each match will last 30 min. There will be 4 matches per two-hour session.
  8. With 24 players registered each player will play two sessions. With fewer players, priority is given to those who registered first based on a first-come first-serve model. (Some players may play more than 2 sessions).