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Welcome everyone to what will be another great season at Elmdale Tennis Club.  

Due to COVID-19, we need to establish many new rules and processes to ensure the safety of our members and our staff.  Members will now have to book their court time through an online booking system.  To the best of our abilities we have tried to create a system that allows equal access to court time across our membership as we open up the club in these challenging times. 

There are some general conditions that will affect how we play tennis at Elmdale this season, at least initially, and will also have an impact on the on-line booking system:

  1.  Courts 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 may be booked for either singles or doubles play.  Court four is for singles, only.
  2. There will be screens in place between courts one and two, two and three; and, five and six.
  3. We require junior players to have written permission from a parent or guardian to play.
  4. Only members can book and play.  To begin, guests may not register or play.


You will have received a link sent to your email that will allow you to register in the online booking system.  The registration form is shown below:

When registering as an individual, please use the email address from which you received the registration link. For those who have family memberships, please share the link with your family members and have each person register individually with a unique email address.


As we are uncertain about the levels of court demand we will be initially restricting the amount of time each member can pre-book.  For now, each member:

  • Can pre-book court time 48 hours in advance
  • Can pre-book up to seven hours of court time per week
  • Is limited to booking one hour of court time per day through the online booking system

A booking week is Monday through Sunday.

It is important to note that when you book (as shown below), you will be required to provide both the name and email address of your playing partner(s).  That person or persons must be a current member of the Elmdale Tennis Club and you should enter the email address(es) that they used to register in the online system.

NOTE: the per week allocation of court time includes both the time that you have booked and the time you have been listed as a playing partner.