Elmdale Open Doubles Final, Davis Cup and a Wedding

Elmdale Open Doubles Final – 6-3,6-7,7-5

Best described as a squeaker, the wisdom and experience of our ETC doubles team Marcos Valencia and Peter Worthing was enough to pull themselves back from a 5-1 deficit in the second set, but not enough to take this year’s ETC Doubles title in the third and deciding set. After close to three hours of world class tennis – WTA ranked Elizabeth Fournier and her partner Adrian Frei carried the day – only after being forced to produce some unbelievable returns rarely witnessed on the ETC courts. The club extends it’s appreciation to all those who participated, and wishes Elizabeth the very best as she returns to the tour. And a special thanks to Marcos, as ETC head of tennis operations, for organizing all the tournaments this season.

[lightbox_image size=”full-half” image_path=”http://www.elmdale.ca/wp-content/uploads/photo.jpg” lightbox_content=”http://www.elmdale.ca/wp-content/uploads/photo.jpg” group=”” description=”From left to right – Peter Worthing, Marcos Valencia, Elizabeth Fournier, Adrian Frei”]

Davis Cup

Elmdonia rules the day!

In a hard fought contest Nigel, Alexis, Graham and Patty – all Elmdonia nationals – managed to outflank Italy, the Czech Republic (without any Czech’s if you can believe it) and Chinada – to win this year’s ETC Davis Cup. It was clear, by the time the fence gate was locked late into the night – ending the now infamous and long-standing DC pot luck dinner – that there were few losers to be had. Thanks again for all those who participated, adding to the list of ETC success stories for the 2013 season…

An ETC weekend tied up in knots!

Not only are we ecstatic about launching the new ETC web site this weekend – we’re also over-the-moon to announce that ETC manager Matt MacKinnon was married on Saturday and we wish him and his new bride the very best!