Frequently Asked Questions

New member – finding games

For new members we have many ways to play and meet other members. The following are all free except the clinics.

Round robins. For these you just have to show up a few minutes before they start and the club steward on duty will organize doubles games, changing up the groupings every 30 minutes.

Put your name on our list of ‘Members looking for a hit’ and call others on the list which is in our clubhouse.

Sign up for our club ladder in our clubhouse where you can challenge and be challenged by others to try and move up the ladder.

Talk to the steward on duty.  The stewards know many of the players at the club and know who would be a good level opponent and who’s looking for more people to play with.

Group Clinics – there are many group clinics at different levels.  Rachel will make sure you’re in the right level and you can meet other members at the clinics.


Elmdale has clay courts, and because of this we require that members have shoes with a non-aggressive sole. Clay tennis shoes are perfect, but if you don’t have any, shoes with a flat bottom are fine too (such as ‘skater shoes’).

Booking a court

Our courts are booked in 45 minute increments. Members have a magnetic tag with their name on it which they place on the a board to book off their time slot. Every 15 minutes two courts change who is playing on them. Members must book for the next available court.  There is no pre-booking done by members (lessons, camps and events are pre-booked).  You can call the club to find out how busy the courts are currently.  We also have a page that shows all pre-booked courts and that shows how busy you the courts are during an average week.


Guests can play at the club by paying a guest fee ($10 if they are a guest of a member, $15 if they come without a member).  The guest can play for the full day and do this up to 5 times before they have to get a membership to continue playing at the club. The amount payed can offset the price of a membership.


To find out if the courts are open after a rain fall, check our twitter feed at the top right of our home page or call the club (613-729-3644). The courts can stay open with a light rain, but after a heavy rain the courts will be closed for a few hours. The length of time varies quite a lot and is dependent on the amount of sun and wind. If it rains after the sun has gone down, the courts will be closed until the following day.