2019 Membership Is Now Open

It is not too cold or too early to start thinking about summer! The Elmdale Tennis Club has opened registration for the 2019 tennis season, to returning 2018 members only, until 24 Feb 2019. The password to use for your registration has been emailed to all 2018 members.

Starting 25 Feb 2019, registration will be open to the general public on a first come, first served basis and again this year we are limiting membership to 400 members.

Membership fees have increased this year as the board has set an objective to increase the reserve fund over the next several years such that there will be sufficient funds to do a complete renovation of the courts potentially including a sprinkler system.

In addition we are clarifying the criteria for family memberships. Family memberships must be partners and children living at the same address and any children included in the membership must have been born later than 1 January 2001. If there are children born prior to 1 January 2001 then he/she must be registered as a student (if a full time student) or as an adult.